Saturday, October 25, 2008

I finally got pictures of Bailey at his last football game of the season!!! It was getting dark so they are fuzzy. He had fun playing again this year! He is already talking about baseball!!! What a kid! So he finally got his costume all put together for Halloween... he is being a clown! He already IS a clown though, so I don't know why we had to buy him the costume! He scared Sydnie & Lecsie, they are fine as long as he takes off the giant red nose, but every time he puts it back on they scream! And he thinks it is great when he squirts me in the face with his stupid clown flower!!! Too funny... watch for the pics of that one!

Wace went to see "Dr Pepper". No easy fix there, he tore his ACL in half & mutilated his meniscus (bull riders!!!). So he gets to have surgery, but of course he can't do that until after the Dixie 6 (6 rodeos in St George in November) heaven forbid he might miss a rodeo!!! And of course he has to wait until after the NFR Finals the first week of December, so for Kristy's birthday he is going to have surgery. Then he has to work his butt off to have his knee back in shape to rodeo in the spring... for sure his father's kid!!!
We took Lecsie camping with us last weekend. (Her Mom & Dad went to Vegas for his sister's wedding). Everyone went on what was suppose to be a 30 minute ride (4 wheelers & motorcycles & such) Lecsie went on the 4 wheeler with me & Grandpa YeeHaw (named by Jordan) yeah, it turned out to be like a 6 hour ride!!! What the??? She did so good, she took 2 naps sitting in between us & when she was awake she would sit in front of Grandpa and make motor noises or yell to the kids on the motorcycles... she was cracking us up! Thanks to Aunt Marlo & Grandma Lana she got crackers & cheese, fruit snacks, a banana & a bottle of water! You'd think after 23 years that when Lec says 15 minutes, it really means 6 hours!!! My bad! Anyway, Lecsie loved it, but her & I skipped the ride the next day!!!
Bailey had fun riding Jaden's old motorcycle all day, well except for the 2 times he wrecked. The first one wasn't so bad, but the second time he turned around to look at Grandpa Bud & Grandma Lana in their Razor and missed the bend in the road, so he took a flying leap over the handle bars... oh Bailey or maybe we should call him Road Rash!
The funniest thing in the last week though (well at least to me, Brandie says it's not funny) was when Mike & Shelby got home from Vegas. They came to pick up Lecsie & Brandie was here with her girls... they brought Lecsie a little purse & a new cup with a straw... well Sydnie, being 2 didn't quite understand why she didn't get one, so everytime we turned around they were playing tug-o-war with them. After a while the bickering stopped, or so we thought, next thing we know Lecsie & Sydnie are screaming by the front door, so we look over & they are on the floor, Sydnie has the purse, holding it away from Lecsie & drinking out of Lecsie's cup (and screaming at the same time, she is very talented like that!) & Lecsie has Sydnie by the hair (maybe trying to jerk her head off) with one leg wrapped around Sydnie... the wrestling world would of been proud! Oh my HECK, I was laughing my head off... my Mom was looking for a camera, but their Mom's put an end to the Kodak moment before we could take a picture!
As I reflected on that scene for the next few days, (laughing each time I thought about it) I decided I had to dedicate this story to my cousin Deb. I think this story will remind her of me, since she said I was a mean kid... I don't know what she is talking about... I just know she was a tattle tale! j/k no, I take that back, I am NOT kidding. But I still love you Deb!
Love your guts! (Deb, you're nuts!)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Ya, so it was Whitney's birthday Friday... Happy 22 Whit! (I thought one of the cake pics from the wedding was good here...) We all went to Olive Garden for lunch on Saturday (mmm Olive Garden). Except for Joey, Ashley & Jordie bug... (we miss them a lot)!!!

I got to talk to Joey on the phone today... we're still hoping they get to come visit soon! We haven't seen them since March!!! At least me & Grandpa got to see them in March, everyone else hasn't seen them since last December!!!! We've been teasing Bailey that Jordan will be able to tackle him! That would be funny!

Bailey's team lost their football game last week, but Bailey made a SA-WEET tackle! He is home from school barfing today... hopefully he will be better by his game on Wednesday!!!

Wace blew out his knee again the other day, we finally got him an appointment with "Dr. Pepper", he is some great ortho doctor that works on all the bull riders... hopefully it will be an easy fix!!! But in the mean time, you can just call him Igore, that's what Billy's Mom calls him!

Grandpa Giff is home from the hospital... he hates that place! We're glad he's home, but we have to keep an eye on him when he watches football... he likes the cheerleaders! LOL!

We got the family room all painted over the weekend, carpet comes tomorrow! Yay!

Better go... laundry to do!!! Guts!