Sunday, July 26, 2009

Texas to New Mexico to home, OH MY!

First we went to Texas to meet our sweet Ally J...
And to visit Jordan.... who LOVES his Uncle Bailey! He says that Grandma Great, Grandpa Great, Grandma YeeHaw (that's me) and Uncle Bailey are all his cousins! LOL
Jordan and Bailey had too much fun playing dinosaurs and legos! One night Jordan did a singing gig for us... hopefully Joey will post the video, it was too funny!

And to see Miss Ashley, who is looking pretty as ever after having cute little baby Ally!

And Joey... who as you can see still acts like a monkey! (He is the one at the top of the picture!) Joey, Jordan & Bailey went to jump with the sprinkler... too much fun!

This is Miss Ally J, all ready to go to Corpus Cristi to the Texas Aquarium and the beach! She turned 1 month old while we were there!
Jordan & Bailey 'under the sea'... at Texas Aquarium
Bailey & Jordan by the dolphin tank, after the show...
This is Bailey touching a sting ray... he says it was "gooey"!
Then we were off to the beach....
This is Jordie bug playing like the big kids at the beach! I think he really believes that he is older than 3! Ashley said that he refuses to go to nursery with the "babies" so they had to put him in with the Sunbeams, then when they go sit on the front row for singing time, he scoots his chair back with the older kids! He is a hoot! Bailey had fun playing in the Gulf of Mexico, even though.......
he was stung (for the 2nd time this week) by a jelly fish! Don't ask what we used to stop the stinging on the first one (on his calf) because he does NOT want to talk about it. LOL!!! At least Ashley was smart enough to bring ammonia on this day, to take the sting out!
We had WAY too much fun in Texas with the Stones! We missed them the minute we left!

On to New Mexico...
And now... what you've all been waiting for... how did Wace do at National Finals???????????
This is Wace's first ride at the High School National Finals Rodeo in Farmington, New Mexico... he scored a 72 on this bull, a 58 on his dud of a bull in the second go round and got bucked off in the short go... he finished 9th in the Nation!!!! YAY Wace... We had 3 bull riders finish in the top 10! Our boys ROCK! I will post more pics when I get the disc that I bought from their photographers!
And finally, it was time to go home...
To top off our vacation, 1/2 hour after we got home, we rushed over to the church so that Bailey could get his Tenderfoot rank for Scouts!!! Good Job Bailey!
So, we have had a BUSY 2 weeks... and it's GOOD to be home... I am going to sleep in my OWN bed right now! -Guts!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad... In Memory of Wendell Don Roundy

My Dad would of been 69 years old today...
This is my Dad when he was a little kid... cute huh! He was the oldest of 6 kids. And he said he was always embarrassed because they were the last ones in town to get an outhouse, so EVERYONE knew their 'business'!
This is my Dad as a teenager... I'm sure he would smack me in the head if he could for sharing this picture with the world... but he can't, and I love this picture! He was quiet, but only on the outside, he and his friends had a lot of fun. He had one friend who had trouble with the transmission in his car, so they use to drive it around town in reverse... LOL

I think this was my Dad when he was a senior in high school (not sure), but I do know that this picture hung on my Grandma Roundy's wall (in the hall) my whole life! (Well, it hung there until she died).
Dad & Dan... our Dad taught us everything! He worked and played along side of us while we were growing up! He taught me what order dishes should be washed in (LOL) how to do laundry and even how to use a curling iron on my hair! He was a great Dad!
Dad cutting up a deer on the kitchen table... (At 66 Lincoln Street - that was for you Lec) and so it was... like this every year they got a deer! I have many memories of deer hanging in Grandma Roundy's garage (or ours) and late nights driving down some canyon with wet feet, the heater going full blast with the windows open so we could have the cold breeze on our faces... always Pepsi, beef jerky & Snickers!
One year Dan got a deer, but they had lost Dad's hunting knife... so they bent a Pepsi can in half & used the sharp edge to gut the deer!
My Mom told us just the other day of a time they got a deer, and were dragging it out in the dark, so my Mom had the flash light walking ahead of him, he had the deer's front legs over his sholders dragging it, and fell in a hole... the deer lurched forward and went right over his head! (his head ended up where it's guts had been before they cleaned it)... I would of rolled down the hill laughing if I would of been there!
Dad & Dan fishing... we probably had fishing poles before we were born! Dan still loves to fish! I remember one trip to Flaming Gorge when we drove off a cliff to get to 'THE BEST' camping spot! Only Dad & Dan were in the truck when it was time to go back up the cliff... the rest of us had to hike up... luckily they made it, even if the guns came off the gun rack and whacked them in the back of the head!!! Yes, crazy has ALWAYS been in my family!
Dan, Dad & Me on his 30th birthday... even though we didn't see him much at the end of his life... there was never a doubt that he LOVED his kids! When we were little we were ALWAYS with him... even at work, we grew up building houses and riding horses, camping, fishing, hunting, going to horse races, rodeos and going to LaGoon on the 4th of July! My Dad worked hard and played hard!
Dad, Dan & Delana Dee... my Dad LOVED horses, his dream was to have a triple crown winner. There are pictures somewhere of him in Kentucky, where he went and worked at a stable for awhile... I'm guessing that was one of the best times of his life!
On second thought... I think he went to South America panning for gold in his later years and he liked that a lot too!
Dad, Dan & Me... my Dad never missed a chance to go hunting! Lots of great memories of hunting with my Dad... he would ALWAYS make his own roads and his own camping spots... sometimes he even took his survey equipment so that our tent would be level!!! Sometimes we walked, sometimes we had the Tote Gote, sometimes horses... and one time (on the bow hunt) he put 'buck scent' on me... he didn't tell me until after what it really was.... YUCK! He even talked me into trying pine gum one time!!! What a joker!
This is my Dad and my baby brother Shad... he is all grown up now and lives in Florida with his wife Emilly - who's birthday is on the 16th (Happy Birthday Emilly). This is my Dad in the 80's... it was very rare that he sat still for a professional picture!
Happy Birthday Dad!

My beautiful new Granddaughter!

Here is our new Princess! Allyson J - she weighed 7 lbs 2 oz, and I get to go see her on Monday! YAY ME!!!!
Big Brother Jordan holding his new baby sister Allyson! He LOVES his new sister!

Daddy (Joey) with Allyson & Jordie bug! WAY TOO CUTE! Go check out their blog to see more cute pictures!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sydnie bug is turning 3!!!

This is Sydnie Louise... her birthday is really tomorrow, but we are having her party today! She will be 3 years old! CUTE, CUTE, CUTE! Just get out of her way and you will get along just fine!
Sydnie... the birthday girl with Aunt Whitney... too cute! You can see Wace in the back and almost Grandpa Great!

Brandie "We need to move the slide on the grass, before one of the kids falls off on the cement..." Jason "It will be fine" Hmmm... scroll down to see who won...
Jason watching them run by with the slide.... discussion over! You can see Whitney & Mike... wait what? Whitney is pregnant... why is she carrying a heavy slide, running accross the grass like a boy??? "The Dr. only said I couldn't do back tucks anymore...." she acts like her DAD! She went down the slide and flipped off the side too.... and said "what? I kept my belly up in the air the whole time!" I think I need prozac!
Mike, Wace & Jeremy... yes, it is what it looks like.... TROUBLE! And Grandma Great, trying to keep an eye on them, but it is such a BIG job!
Shelby & Mike watching the kids play.... and wait, what is Bailey doing in the back ground??? A facial? With cucumbers on his eyes... WHAT THE????
And now, Bailey is eating the cucumbers.... you're killing me smalls!!!
This is Wace playing with the 'naughty' tether ball...
Grandma & Grandpa Great... poor Grandpa was the victim of the tether ball, which Mike hit so hard that it came off the rope & hit Grandpa in the head! So Mike ran over and asked Grandpa if he was OK, and Grandpa threw his cane on the ground and said "I'm going to get up and kick your ass!" LOL Hopefully Grandpa won't have a headache for too long!
Chelsie & Sami... who got to go to the Stadium of Fire on the 4th to see the Jonas Brothers... and entertain the crowd with their matching outfits & crazy dancing!
Lecsie & Sydnie just playin! Cute little baby butts!
Jasie would rather play in the sand! Except when they brought out the cake... which I didn't get any pictures of... but hopefully Brandie will post some!
As you can see... we LOVE to party!!!

Uncle Ty's 4th of July BBQ

Bailey... thinks he can fly... and what is he doing with his hand? A tribute to Michael Jackson????
Wace, Aunt Marlo, Mike & Uncle Ty... the BBQ Master...

Whitney & Jer Bear.... who has the biggest gut??? Sorry Jer Bear, Whitney won this one!

Uncle Ty, Shelby & Jaden eating YUMMY stuff! Yes, we ARE related to these people!

OF COURSE... Lec & Ty played 'REDNECK' croquet... with a ball peen hammer & a baseball!
Brooke, Wace, Brittany & Bailey playing croquet the NORMAL way!
Grandpa & Grandma Great, watching all of the crazy relatives! Lecsie & Sydnie playing on the water slide... 'best, best buddies'.

And, Grandpa & Jasie, chillin' with a sippy cup of milk.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

In Memory of Bay Horse...

Sadly Bay Horse died last night...
1996 - This is Bay Horse and Grandpa Bud in West Canyon. Grandpa, Lec & Wace use to ride out there a lot (I think Wace asked Grandpa everyday if they could go ride). You can see Cliff and Wace in the picture too... Wace is getting back on his horse Rusty... one time he fell off as they were coming down the mountain and rolled to the bottom... then he told them "hold up guys I gotta get back on my horse." Bay Horse is really Grandpa Bud's horse, but Grandpa always shared him with the kids. His name really is 'Bay Horse' Grandpa says animals have to earn their names... but no other name ever really fit him. I'm not sure how old he was, I don't remember him not being part of the family! When Lec went out to water yesterday he was fine, eating and running around with the other horses... we're not sure what happened, maybe a twisted gut. I'm sure he is enjoying the green pastures of Heaven with Rusty...
1998 - This is Bay Horse and Wace out at West Mountain... we went out for the afternoon with Grandpa Bud. We roasted hot dogs & the kids played musical horses... we always have a lot of fun with Grandpa Bud... and Bay Horse!
2003 - Bay Horse and Whitney on the desert... we went camping with Grandpa Bud for Easter and the kids rode the horses all over. Bay Horse was always good to let all of the kids ride him... very patient. I'll bet he was laughing with the rest of us when Wace's horse laid down in the dry lake bed mud... "Wace jumped off, yelling "my horse is dead!" He CAN be dramatic when it comes to his horses!
2003 - This is Bay Horse in the Lehi Round-up Stock Parade... Whitney and Bailey are riding him... you can see Wace and 'Fat Gut' Flash behind them. Bay Horse always did what was asked of him... as Whitney was riding him in the parade his chin strap broke... when they came by us Lec went out to try to fix it.... but Bay Horse (like all of our horses - except Power Glide - Lec's horse) didn't really like it when Lec came toward him (Lec moves too fast)! So, he started rearing and spinning around on the blacktop... after grabbing Bailey off and handing him off to someone else, Lec was so mad, he jerked Bay Horse out of the parade (almost stomped us all!) Then he fixed the chin strap and sent Whitney on her way... it is a good thing that Whitney & Bay Horse are good sports.
2004 - This is Whitney and Bay Horse at 4-H. Bay Horse did a great job in 4-H, I don't think there was a better looking horse there.... EVER! Always tolerant of the kids jerking him this way and that... He was the best! He was one of my all time favorite horses... and I will miss him a lot! Thanks Grandpa Bud for sharing your great horse with us!