Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Break... Grandma Sleepover!


Jasie, Lecsie & Sydnie

We danced!

Gma Great, Sydnie, Chelsie, Lecsie, Jasie, Whitney, Charlee

Grandma & pa Great and Whitney

Lecsie, Sydnie, Jasie, Charlee & Chelsie

we had popcorn & cookies and watched 'Tangled'...

And then a beautiful thing happened,






Everyone fell asleep... except Chelsie!

We had a lot of fun! Looks like we might have found a new tradition for Spring break!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


You really don't expect snow in April,

but it is a beautiful site first thing in the morning...

Grandma's house the Man Cave
Poor Mr. Peacock... I doubt he was expecting snow either!
View out the front door.... gotta love it!

Even though I am SO ready for Spring!

Shelby made me a cake!

Shelby learned how to make fondant....

so she made me a cake for my birthday! Thanks Shelby!!!

Look who came to visit...

I threw some bread out to the chickens one morning

and pretty soon they had a guest for breakfast!

Lec said the peacock lives over at Grandma's...

this is the first time he came to eat in the front yard.

Bailey & Grandma try out the new knives...

Chef Bailey and his Sou Chef Grandma try out
his new knives that he got for Christmas...
No, this is NOT the first time that he has used them...
And don't worry, he sharpens them every week... but only on Mondays!

Wace turned 19!

I can't believe he only has one more year of being a teenager!!!!
He really is awake... and this is the only picture that turned out... and I can not remember why someone ate a piece of his cake before he even blew out the candles!
He had to leave to go back to school the day before his birthday, so we had cake early... and then he was off to Texas... the terrible place that keeps stealing my boys!

Lecsie helped me make cookies...

One night while her Mom was working,
Lecsie came over and helped me...
She frosted a lot of cookies...
And on her lips...
And of course we licked our fingers!