Saturday, May 28, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt at Grandma & Grandpa's...

Charlee, Whitney & Brinley
Charlee, Jeremy, Chelsie
Sydnie, Lecsie & Jasie
Ellie & Brandie
Bailey... hiding Chelsie's egg again...
Chelsie & Shelby
Chelsie finally found her egg!
Sydnie's basket is too heavy...
Lecsie filled her basket...
Lecsie & Sydnie
shaking the tree so the eggs will fall out
Jasie loves it!
Jeremy & Charlee... she found her egg!
Forget eggs, Ellie just wants the ball!
Mike & Brinley...
Brinley is too little to hunt for eggs in the cold!

Easter Morning 2011

Bailey is the baby... and since Wace is off at college, he has to hunt for eggs all by himself :(
I thought I shouldn't make it so easy for him, so he had to go on a treasure hunt...
Are you serious?
In my knife drawer?
Found it!

Easter Eggs 2011

Shelby, Whitney & Brandie
gotta love my girls!
Bailey being a goof ball... and Sydnie
Chelsie... is growing up too fast!!!
Sydnie took a break from her work to smile for Grandma :)
Lecsie... "which one should I pick?"
Jasie... working hard!
Jeremy & Charlee...
she is NOT impressed, is that a Jeremy face?
Ellie is always happy to be here!
Grandma Great & Brinley, "Oh my!"
Carson... we need more boys around here!
Charlee & Aunt Shelby
Shelby's revenge (last year Aunt Whitney colored Lecsie's hand!)
Charlee & Shelby....
Charlee does not like stuff on her hands, she tried to pull it off!
Jasie colored her own hand :)
Even Elllie got in on it!
Grandma Great
Chelsie, Bailey & Sydnie
Sydnie is all business when there are eggs to color!
Jasie & Brandie
Jasie is so excited!
Charlee would rather eat pizza!
Ellie & Brandie
Ellie likes to color eggs!
Brinley & Carson... looks like all these girls worry him a little!