Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Brandie & Sydnie... don't worry, Sydnie really IS having fun... she was just mad for a second that she couldn't use the knife! LOL
We started Halloween off by carving pumpkins in the garage.... but then the costumes came out and all I can say is "Lec! Look what you started!!!"
Whitney & Jeremy... dressed up like a happy little redneck couple... Whitney even borrowed a beer to carry around (you know, to go with her 'beer belly' - she likes 'rockin' the beer gut') And YES, that is her bare pregnant belly you see, with hair drawn on.... she is her Dad's kid FOR SURE!!!

You'll have to go watch my video on Facebook to see Wace in his costume... he was a pig in a tutu - riding a bull, OF COURSE! He went to the Utah game on Halloween, after the game he called to tell us he was going to be on the news... live. So we turned on the news and watched him jump up & down waving through the window behind the anchor man... where do these kids come from? I guess Kristy's kids were right to call them the 'wild kids'!
Shelby & Mike... Shelby is the good witch (of course), but Mike... not so nice, he & his brother in law rode around in the back of the truck scarring little kids... at least they didn't smash pumpkins! LOL
Bailey Kruger... he doesn't really need a mask to be SCARY!
Chelsie 'vants to bite your neck'! There is some serious drama going on here... Bella has nothing on her!
Sydnie the scarecrow... 'don't worry, I only scare birds'! LOL - I have one of her whole costume (way cute) but I LOVE this close up best!
Lecsie aka: Witchie Poo.... she LOVES to pose for the camera!
Jasie aka: Little Bunny Fufu.... don't worry, we did NOT bop her on the head!
We are hoping for Halloween pics of Joey, Ashley, Jordan & Ally on their blog or Facebook! We miss them A LOT!!!!!!

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Joni said...

Darrrrrrrling costumes! I especially like the redneck couple. I see quite a few that look just like that out here in Oklahoma! By the way...I went private. If you want an invite email me your email..jonigraves@aol.com