Sunday, March 7, 2010

Wace's SuRpriSe party!

Wace turned 18 in January!!! My how time flies!
Shelby, Lec, Ty, Wace, Jaden, Bailey, Lecsie & Sydnie lighting the candles
Wace blew out the candles.... wait what? Is that a gun in his hand? Don't worry it's a toy... yes he did just turn 18... yes, he still plays with toy guns!
Whitney & Jaden in the background
Shelby, Chelsie, Jaden, Bailey & Lecsie
Cuttin' the cowboy cake! YUMMMM!
Chase, Nick, Riley & J.C. in the back ground
Uncle Ty & Wace
OF COURSE there was a frosting fight... isn't there ALWAYS?
Wace, Chase, J.C., Nick, Tanner & Riley
Nick kept Wace busy playing basketball and SWEATING until it was time for the party to start!
Wyatt... is very colorful... I think he might have liked growing up in the 60's "puff, puff, pass" hahahaha!
Brandie, Charlee, Marlo, Jasie & Whitney...
Shelby, Whitney, Brandie, Chelsie
Lecsie & Sydnie
watching Wace open his presents...
Jasie got Granpa Great's cane... watch out Jasie, sometimes he whacks people with that thing!


Joni said...

Are these pictures taken at your house? Pretty home!

LecnKim said...

Yes. We love it here... the PERFECT Grandma house!!!