Sunday, December 11, 2011

Youth Conference at Joe's Valley

Chappel Valley 1st Ward
Youth Conference 2011
bottom row: Kim, Tasi, Bailey, Jeff, Aaron, Jaden
2nd row: Nate, Tori, Riley,Bryson, Vixie, Kimber, Vern, Manny
3rd row: Sabrina, Annie, Kariane, Bailey, Hazen, Cory, Wes
back row: Riley, Bishop Everett, Connor, Sid, Jacob, DJ, Annie, Skyler, Monica, James
James & Bailey.... ROW! ROW! ROW!
We went to Joe's Valley... we went canoeing, rock diving, swiming, they even jumped a bike off the boat ramp!
Nate, DJ, Bailey & Brother Lindsay
Bailey is learning how to clean the grill...
I had to chase the teachers down to help with chores so many times that Bailey, DJ and Sid had to listen to the "man" talk all the way home... "Real men do NOT hide when there is work to do! Real men do NOT make excuses to get out of work.... Real men see what needs to be done and do it without being asked..." When we got back to the church, Bailey & DJ jumped out of the truck & helped to unload the trailer, when they got back in the truck DJ said, "Bailey, now we are real men!" LOL
Hazen & Bailey
(Nate, Wes & Kimber *behind)
We played games, like blind folded paintball... and perhaps Bailey is trying to catch flies???
Bailey, horsin' around...
and horse shoes... and of course we did some service projects, like cleaning around the lake, writing letters to the missionaries and making felt wreaths & elf shoes for the Festival of Trees (for Primary Children's Hospital).
Kim - Sid & DJ
I spent a lot of time untangling thread for these yay-whos!
Bailey & Kariane - the glue guys.
Too much fun!!!

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