Tuesday, September 30, 2008

So we were off to Salina to another rodeo last weekend... (not this one, it's an old pic) but Wace took 1st place on Friday! Yeah Wace! One of these days I will figure out how to put the video on here. No more rodeos until the Dixie 6 in November (happy sigh)...

Football Thursday... Bailey's team lost last week (ugly) but they are going to do better this week for sure! He did great in the Primary program except for the part where he wouldn't sing the songs!!! I think he might of hummed or something!

So I lied about where Jeremy works... he is at Orem Community, "I have my own hospital now" he told me, good job Jer-bear!

Anyway, we are all doing great, watching the leaves change colors and happy to stay home this weekend!


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Ann G. Matthews said...

Can I hear a Yee-Haw for Wace?!?! Tell him - GOOD JOB!!!