Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Well, I guess it's time to write something in my new blog. Thanks to Brandie for helping me set it up! A little about the family that I love:
Lec - my best friend, the love of my life, the one who always has my back... even if it means recreating the HOLLYWOOD sign (minor edit to MOLLYWOOD) for girls camp! Working hard as always... starting his new company Heritage Welding, since his other one - Steel Erectors retired.
Brandie Marie - my "mean" daughter LOL! Married to an awesome husband, Jason - the saver of lives and raising Sugar (Chelsie), Spice (Sydnie) and Everything Nice (Jasie) 3 WAY cute girls... check out her blog if you don't believe me... the link is right over there.......

GI Joe - my Army boy... I could of used an Army to raise him, but just like Bishop Russon promised, he grew up to be a good & productive member of society, and he has been out there saving America from the dumb @$$ terrorists and he will be again in the spring. Married to the beautiful Texas girl Ashley (doing awesome in Scentsy!!!), the one who keeps him in line and takes care of Jordie-bug... the VERY active future linebacker "Mom, his foot is the size of a 4 year olds"!!!

Whitter K - What can I say? She speaks for herself... I'm sure you've heard her... and I'm sure you think she gets her big voice from me... but no, it came from her Dad... still coaching gymnastics & cheer and newlywed to Jer-bear the love of her life who is working at the hospital in Provo and still alpha dog to Baby & Jr.

Shel-bert - The one who can't stand to leave the baby to go on a date... doing a great job as Lecsie's mom, and trying to manage Mike - the happy one, who is working iron and liking it, except when he has to be 'fire watch'. And Lecsie Nicole, named after her Grandpa Lec (see) SO cute and she LOVES her Grammie!

Wace - what can I say... you have to be a little bit crazy to ride bulls. He went to the HS Nationals this year... maybe you saw his picture in the paper... after all the great rides in the last year, they put the one where he is upside down and backwards with the caption "Wace get's bucked off at the State finals".... nice.... what can you say about 'de press'??? He bought himself a truck... you'll know it's him because he put a GROSS girly sticker in the back window! TEENAGERS!

Bailey Bud - hmmm what to say? Still the smartest of all of us, top 10% in the nation in Social Studies and trying to decide if he wants to go to a charter school for Jr High. Loving football (yay 3 fumble recoveries in his last game) and watching the NFL & the History channels with some Disney channel mixed in. He tried to beat me in chess (maybe next time)... but he did sink my battleship!

Well, I guess you know I have 6 kids by now... and 5 grandbabies! How lucky can one old gal be?
Keep smiling!


Ann G. Matthews said...

SO FUN! I love your blog and especially your pictures. What a flash back!

Debra Durfey said...

Welcome to Blogville! Maybe we will keep in touch better! Dinner? lol! GUTS!

Joni Graves said...

Kim, you are so darn cute. I loved reading about your family. What a great wife, mom, and grannie you are! Brandie commented on my blog the other day. Then I checked out her blog and Oh my goodness! What a beautiful family she has. You have raised such darling kids. You should be proud!