Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Jordie Bug... the dinosaur!

Jordan LOVES dinosaurs & Buzz Lightyear & football! Ashley sent me this cute picture of him in his costume! They are coming to visit in January.... YAY!!! And, in case you didn't already know, Joey & Ashley are expecting a new baby in June... YAY again!!! Joey is at a month long training (getting ready for another deployment) and Ashley is doing awesome in Scentsy & working as a Pharmacy Tech.
Not much new around here... the Dixie 6 started last weekend... I now have proof positive that Hurricane Utah was appropriately named, the wind last weekend almost blew our camper over (and we weren't even driving down the road!) Crazy!
Wace didn't hurt his injured knee while riding this weekend, he did however hurt his good knee!!! No big deal... the bull just kicked him on the way down and SLAMMED him to the ground, yet he LOVES it! Go figure! He did make the 8 on both bulls, but didn't get good bulls, he split 4/5th one day and took 8th on one that should of been a re-ride... like Grandpa Bud says, if you're going to do a judged event, you better be able to take it! Wace also got a new puppy Rugar, which he loves & snuggles & talks baby talk to.... 'macho macho man....' hahahaha!
Bailey is waiting around for baseball season, he told me that he wants to be a go-cart racer now! What the??? He wanted to go get a "wind suit" today, you know the slickery pants & jacket... he put it on when we got home & told me now he needs a pinky ring like the Mafia. Apparently "wind suits" are the apparel of choice for the Mafia, he told me to call him Don Bud (instead of Bailey Bud) "because you know Mom, a Don is important in the Mafia" (shoot me now!)
Lec is working his guts out... he keeps getting in trouble with the safety guys (he is their worst nightmare!) I guess you aren't suppose to climb on the edge of the man basket when it is over extended & lean over until it is only on 2 wheels, "someone could get hurt"! I'm surrounded by crazy people... Prozac anyone?
Better go... guts!

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Hawkes unit said...

You crack me up. We really are all crazy people pretending to be "normal" I'm so glad you're back home we missed you! Love you So much!