Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Don't faint... I am FINALLY updating my blog! This update is dedicated to Grandpa Bud... since he does NOT like generic letters. Anyone else who wants to read it is more than welcome to!
Dear Grandpa Bud,
So Christmas was great! We are very blessed and WAY spoiled around here. And as you can see, we finally got Joey, Ashley & Jordan here for a visit and a family picture! YAY! They are on a cruise this week and will only be back for a couple of days before they have to go back to Texas, but we'll take what we can get! We've had a lot of fun... it's a little crazy around here with all of the family in one spot, we are getting big... it's great, just like going to Aunt Shirley's to visit when I was a kid... my favorite!
If you didn't read my "generic" New Years letter, then I should tell you that Wace had knee surgery and scared us with his "bull in a china closet" wake up... but he is doing great now. He went for a check up today and Dr Pepper told him that his knee couldn't be better... good news, but no mighty bucky for another 2 months... bad news. Wace went to Nephi to stay with his friend "Billy" on New Years Eve (to watch him ride a bull of course)... and called to tell me that he was going to ride a bull. Him & Bill had it all figured out, they would just tie a stick to each side of his knee so that it would be safe! What a joker!!!
Bailey has taken up gymnastics while he waits for baseball to start... Jeremy & Whitney are his coaches, and now that he is almost 12 (that's how old you have to be to go in the weight room at the Legacy Center), he has decided he is going to start pumping iron! He wants a bench press for his birthday! I never know what will be next with him!!! He got a gift card for Christmas and decided to go buy CD's with it... he bought KISS, AC/DC & Queen!!??!! He's killing me!
We had sad news in the last week or so, Lec's Grandpa Harris has stomach cancer. And since only 30% of his heart is working, they can't really do anything for him... he says it's ok, he misses Grandma anyway. Lec has been spending a lot of time visiting him... and we are grateful to know that this is not the end, and he will see Grandma again!
If I haven't told you before, Ashley & Joey are expecting a baby girl in June! They are hoping that Joey's deployment will be delayed so he can be there when she is born!
I better go... I hope you liked your letter Grandpa Bud! And by the way, thanks for everything, we love and appreciate you more than you will ever know!

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