Monday, June 15, 2009

I don't have pictures to share yet.... but Ashley & Joey had a sweet little baby girl today! Alyson weighed 7 pounds 2 ounces! I have a picture on my phone, but I'm not smart enough to get it from my phone to my computer.... maybe I should take a class!
AND....Whitney is pregnant! She is due towards the end of October... she has been in denial, but after Brandie figured it out she had to go to the doctor to find out for herself! Silly girl!
Anyway life is good here, Shelby and I are doing Weight Watchers together and she is kicking my trash! She has lost 25 pounds! I have lost 14. A little competition is good for us!
Bailey went to Scout Camp - and was on quarantine because someone in the camp got Swine Flu... but luckily the deacons were released in time to pass the Sacrament on Sunday!!! The scout leader told me they had to watch him every minute because every time they turned around he had his knife out again! He acts like his DAD!
Wace took 2nd place at the High School State Rodeo Finals last weekend! He did awesome! Two different newspapers did a story on him Thursday and he was on the front page of the Daily Herald on Sunday morning... people brought us the paper at church! WACE ROCKS!!!!
Of course Bailey played baseball this year. At one game he told the coach "hey, I want to try pitching some time...." so the coach said "OK, go warm up....." WHAT????? He hasn't ever even pitched at a practice! But, he went and warmed up and he did pretty good for a first try! He even struck out two batters! Of course there was a wild ball or two!!! What a kid!!!

This is Wace at the Tabiona Bull Wars. He took 3rd place, which is good, but he was hoping for 1st because he wants to buy himself a 4 wheeler! He is an adrenaline junkie for sure!!!

Guess who turned 12? Yes, you guessed it, Bailey Bud! He went to Boondocks to goof off with his friends for his birthday and they soaked him in the bumper boats! They had too much fun! He was ordained a deacon by his Dad and he has enjoyed passing the Sacrament. He always wants to be early for church so he can get the best spot to pass the Sacrament to!

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PJ said...

Yay for wonderful kids and family! Congrats to Wace! Don't you just love life?!