Friday, February 27, 2009

Wace at the High School National Finals 2008. Lec is in the back ground...
Wace had his 17th birthday in January!!! AHHHH!

Watching the game... Jeremy, Brandie, Bailey & Grandpa Harris - on the edge of his seat!

Super Bowl Sunday.... at our house it is ALL about the food! Wace, Wyatt & J.C.

Jordan picked out his own cake... (his birthday isn't until March - but we LOVE to party)!

We had a birthday party for Joey, Ashley & Jordan while they were here... as you can see, Joey is blowing over his 'cheesecake' to blow out Ashley's chocolate moulten cake! Still the clown in the family!!! Ashley & Whitney... we had too much fun while the Stone's were here!

Joey misses his little brothers... don't worry, Bailey is use to getting thrown around! (No baby brothers were harmed as a result of this picture... shhh don't tell Bailey I called him the baby, he hates it when I do that)!

Sydney is helping Grandpa put a cabinet together... wait, with a hammer???

Chelsie turned 7 in January! Where does the time go??? Wasn't she just born???

Uncle Ty reading to Lecsie! Finally someone else in the family who loves books as much as I do!

How do you spell spoiled? B-A-I-L-E-Y & W-A-C-E!!! They had a good Christmas!

Lec didn't get to go to the NFR in Vegas with us this year because he had to work... then we didn't even bring him home a South Point vest... but don't worry, Santa saved the day! He was EXCITED!!!

Wace snuggling with Junior... recovering from his knee surgery in his new recliner! Thanks Dad.

?,? Chelsie & ? singing at the Mall with the school chior for Christmas! 'All I Want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth'....

Bailey showing us his "guns" in Vegas by the Jack Daniel chopper in the lobby of our hotel. Whitney said he has silent attitude! LOL

Aunt Shelby Nicole & Jasie Nicole have the same birthday (in December)!

Jasie turned 1... I love this picture... she got her cake and ate it too!

This is 'Billy', Tim, Ben & Wace (the Utah bull riders) getting their National Team buckles. The Utah team SMOKED Texas, again... 3rd year in a row!!! They were all (the Utah Team) invited to the State Capital last week to go before the Legislature, where they got a standing ovation for kicking Texas' but! Utah cowboys ROCK!

This is one of the great pictures of 2008! Whitney & Wyatt in the mud at a bull riding on Thanksgiving in St George at Bill Bundy's.... it was freezing, I can't believe they went bare foot, but you know, Whitney didn't want to ruin her new white shoes! Wyatt is just CRAZY!

One morning we woke up and this is what Grandma Holmes' orchard looked like... so we took a picture! This (besides me & Lec) is the view out my front door! I LOVE it! Grandma's orchard looks great all year long! Thanks Joey for taking the picture!

As you can see... my computer is up & running (my old one died). Thanks Joey for hooking me up! And Brandie for reminding me to update my blog! And Grandpa Bud for taking time to read it! I was having a picture moment! I LOVE pictures! XOXOXOXOXO

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KD said...

Aunt Kim! It is so fun to read about your busy family!!! I was wondering if I could get Joey's email address. I haven't talked to him in FOREVER!

Love you guys!
~CaDee Thorn