Friday, October 9, 2009

July to October.... what??? Sorry, I'm a slacker!

Football pics.
Bailey #76... GOOOO LEHI!
Bailey is the guy on top... black socks... SA-LAM!

Bailey in his purple socks (#21)
Chelsie & Lecsie watching Uncle Bailey play football...
Sydnie just likes to run... she chased some little boy all over the park! muuhahaha...
I think Jasie is hungry! LOL
Grandma Great's retirement breakfast...
Grandpa & Grandma Great
Chelsie, Brandie & Grandpa Great eating breakfast!
Chelsie loves her Daddy (Jason)!
Shelby & Whitney go crazy for food! LOL
Best, best buddies Sydnie & Lecsie & Jasie Nicole...
Some of us got to go to Grandma Great's retirement breakfast...
top row: Kim, Whitney, Brandie, Sydnie, Jason
bottom row: Chelsie, Shelby, Lecsie, Granpa Great, Jasie, Grandma Great, Bailey
Then we went on a tour of the Motion Picture Studio... Bailey loved this hat (among other things)!
Grandpa Great turns 75... Happy Birthday to you...
This is our Grandpa Great... we love him so,
We made him a banner and...
put 75 balloons in his yard so he wouldn't forget how old he was on his birthday! He LOVED it!
Camping on Labor Day weekend...
Jasie & Sydnie go along for the ride... and to give Mom some time to get done with morning sickness!
Chelsie & Dad took Sydnie & Jasie fishing in their little red wagon...
Whitney & Jeremy LOVE to sleep in... in their tent condo!
Bailey is good a entertaining himself...
Baby & Jr. like camping too.
Down on Grandpa's Farm... there is a little brown goat.... (or 2 or 3..)
' Nakie baby' Lecsie & Grandpa feeding the goats...
" Eat it goat"
YEE HAW! Rodeo in Herriman.
Sa-weet 8 second ride...

Alpine Rodeo (RMPRA)
Sometimes we get some good shots that Wace does NOT think are good shots... HOLY CRAP!
Nice get off Wace!!! At least he has his hand up there to pull his rope so he doesn't get hung up!
This is Lec's favorite place to watch bull riding.... he just climbs up on top of the chutes & walks to the best spot to see all the action... and yes, he IS on the phone again or still!!!
The Bullriders... Wace, Bill (Justin Anderson) and Tim Bingham... yes, he as a broken neck... yes it is a bull riding injury! At the Hot Spot in Vernal! LOL
Jeremy's birthday...
Chelsie, Jeremy,Lecsie & Jasie looking at the pregnant lady cake.... who's belly frosting got scraped off when they were bringing it out.... hahahahahaha I'm not sure if Jeremy is happy about it or not... maybe he would of liked a bikini cake better LOL!
Bailey, Whitney & Charlee... almost looks like she swallowed a basketball huh?
Grandpa Holmes made rootbeer... Bailey, Lecsie, Sydnie,? and Chelsie are sucking up the dry ice fog!
Lecsie snuck back to slurp more fog!
Jason & Brandie... and baby makes 6 - what the? Pretty soon she'll catch up to us!!!
Mike & Shelby.... awww sweet
Whitney & Charlee's babyshower
Grandma Byrd & Whitney (& Charlee)... opening presents... Lecise is helping too.
Miss Chelsie checking to make sure the food is all good... she worked hard with her Mom & Aunt Shelby to make everything just right for the shower!
Aunt Marlo, Brittany, Raelynn & Jeremy's Grandma Byrd and Jr watching to see if anyone will give him a treat....
Grandma Great & Aunt Shirley... aww cute sisters! Kinda makes you miss Gramie Pete huh?
Some of our favorite cousins! Lexie, Michelle, Haley, Deb, Aurora,,Gma Katie,
Melanie, Annie, Katie & Lecsie
Laci, Whitney & Charlee at the baby shower... by the yummies of course!
Bailey & Jaden all dressed up with somewhere to go...
Bailey & Jaden all dressed up to go to General Priesthood meeting with Jeremy... cool shades dude!
They had to take turns with the cop glasses!
This is how Bailey & Jaden normally act!
Lec had a birthday, shout hooray! He thought he was a year older than he really is... I guess it's just old age!
Grandma & Grandpa Great brought Lec a cherry pie for his birthday! Shelby & Lecsie made him a cherry cheesecake too... I guess you figured out by now that cherry pies are his FAVORITE!
Lec told my Mom that all he wanted for his birthday was his 2 front teeth... so that's what she got him! LOL

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Ty & Marlo said...

Those are some cute, cute pictures. I especially like the one with Lec and his two front teeth.