Monday, August 10, 2009

Wace at the High School National Finals Rodeo in Farmington, New Mexico

Here is my boy... he LOVES to ride bulls! It is all he has wanted to do since I can remember. He told us he wanted to ride when he was younger (around 7 or 8 I think). So Lec told him that if he could save enough money for his vest & chaps he could ride steers. It took him 2 summers working with Uncle Ty doing cement curbing, but he saved the money... and he has been riding ever since! Wace getting ready to take on the Nation....
1st go round bull ... yes that's Lec in the back ground, always!

Can you say CRAZY? A 2000 pound bull & a rope... and he thinks it's fun! I asked him once if he got scared in the chute before he rode, and he said "NO, why would you ride if you were scared!" It's OK, I am scared enough for both of us!
2nd go round bullAnd the short go.... GOOD JOB WACE! 2nd at State & 9th in the Nation!!! You ROCK!

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