Sunday, December 20, 2009

2009 Christmas update...

Because I have entered the world of blogging, our annual Christmas letter will now be here instead of with your Christmas card. I hope you all had a great 2009. I think I did, it went so fast it is all a blur in my head!

Brandie is expecting baby girl #4 in April while chasing Sydnie & Jasie (they are FAST) with a little help from Chelsie. Still coaching gymnastics, and hoping they get their new house before the New Year.

Jason is working for Murray City. He is a Fire Fighter/Paramedic. It is great to have our own personal medic in the family, but we don't impress him too much, there is never enough blood here for him!

Chelsie is in the 3rd grade, she had her first piano recital this year AND she will be getting baptized on her birthday in January! Yup, she will be 8!!!

Sydnie turned 3 this year. I'm pretty sure she spends too much time listening to Chelsie practice cheers... we asked her what color she colored her picture and she said "BLUE and WHITE, Thunder fans in the stands...." I thought Whitney and I were going to fall out of the car laughing! Another clown in our family!!!

Jasie just turned 2 and she LOVES her Grandma (that's me). Anytime she sees me she runs to me for a snuggle! She will even yell "Gramma" across the chapel during Sacrament! As I predicted, she is slowly taking charge of the Hawkes residence.

Joey got out of the service this year. I am SO glad he did not have to go back to Iraq! He is working on a Naval Base in Kingsville, Texas, the computer guy and all that jazz. Still playing dinosaurs with Jordan and LOVING having his baby girl to snuggle!

Ashley has been busy this year taking care of her boys and her new baby girl Ally J! She is still doing awesome in Scentsy and they are planning on going to the temple this year! YAY!!!! We had too much fun visiting them in July!

Jordan is growing like a weed! He does NOT want to be in the baby nursery and play with baby toys! So even though he is 3 he went in the class with the 4 year olds! Then when they went to singing time, he pushed his chair to the back row with the older kids! hahahahaha What cracks me up is I think Joey would still like being in the nursery, playing with the toys! Jordan says he wants to be a paleontologist! WHAT?

Allyson Janae was born June 15th and she has already stolen hearts across the country! At 1 month old she had her daddy wrapped completely around her finger! And Jordan told Joey, "Dad no boys can talk to my Ally J, huh Dad!" He is going to protect her!

Whitney grew a baby bump, but she was in denial for about 5 months... even though the rest of us figured it out! Her doctor had to tell her "Do NOT do back tucks while you're pregnant!" She only missed 1 cheer practice... and she keeps asking when she can start tumbling again!!!

Jeremy is still working for IHC. He and Bailey decided to be green thumbs this year and had fun planting things. He has also been teaching Bailey to play golf... they are always walking around with their collars "popped"! He LOVES being a Dad... now he has two Princesses to please each day!

Charlee K was born November 17th. She is a good sport and can sleep right through her Mom barking out orders at her classes! She has to cry to get her Mom to put her in her bed, because there is ALWAYS someone wanting to hold her! LOL

Shelby is still working at Wingers... go see her, they are always slow! She is a baby hog and no one gets to hold Charlee while she is around! j/k Shelby! She still LOVES being a Mom and buying Lecsie shoes (she has enough to start a shoe store)! She also likes making carmel apples and quilts and any other creation she can come up with!

Mike is working for Brahma... all different shifts. He still loves to hunt... and DON'T bug him when the Cowboys are playing!!! It is clear he is growing up, he got himself a "Grandpa" truck this year... he even gave up a goose hunt for all the family parties this weekend!!!

Lecsie is 2 and she is completely in charge of the Petroff house! She even got on the 'play' phone over here one night and called her Mom up 'at work' and chewed her out good.... we're still not sure what Shelby was in trouble for! LOL She is "hilarious"... which is one of her favorite words!

Wace did NOT give up the goose hunt for the family parties this weekend! He is still riding bulls... OF COURSE! He took 2nd at State and 9th at the High School National Finals this year. He is ready to be grown up (he says) and he even "uninvited" Lec & I to one of his RMPRA rodeos! WHAT? But, we still love him... he is a good kid! He is looking for an old Cadillac to drive from rodeo to rodeo after he graduates in May and hoping to go to college in Texas in the fall.

Bailey, Bailey, Bailey... 12 years old! 7th grade! OH MY! He played baseball & football again this year. We found out at his football banquet that he is a "babe magnet" and NOW... he has decided to be the next 'IRON CHEF'! He has stared cooking for us... and it is an adventure! One night he made us deer steaks... I told him it was tough and he would have to tenderize it... so he made up a 'dry rub' which was 95% pepper... he was so proud of himself when Wace ate it and had tears streaming down his face! Yup, it was a little too hot! LOL Can't wait to see what comes next. But don't worry... he is "the 2nd counselor in the Deacons Quorum" and he won't let you forget it! :)

Lec is just working, working, working, nothing new there. He does have a new addiction though... He loves buying crap on there! He even bought a tractor!!! Joey even set it up as his home page, so all he has to do is "click the Lec box, press the e and there it is!" Thanks Joey!!! He is on his farewell tour of High School Rodeo since this is Wace's last year... I think he will have with drawls this fall!

I got laid off in June... so now I have a new job. I work for East Shore High School (Hi Lori) at Westlake High School as a teachers aid. If you followed all of that you are too smart! Anyway it is a fun job, the kids keep me quite entertained!
They split our ward this year so Lec & I finally got released from Cub Scouts and I got to go back to the Nursery... YES! I love the Nursery we get snacks every week!

Anyway as you can see there are too many of us to keep track of anymore! But thanks for trying! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!
Lec, Kim & the team

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Loved reading your Christmas letter! You have such a cute family!