Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sydnie bug is turning 3!!!

This is Sydnie Louise... her birthday is really tomorrow, but we are having her party today! She will be 3 years old! CUTE, CUTE, CUTE! Just get out of her way and you will get along just fine!
Sydnie... the birthday girl with Aunt Whitney... too cute! You can see Wace in the back and almost Grandpa Great!

Brandie "We need to move the slide on the grass, before one of the kids falls off on the cement..." Jason "It will be fine" Hmmm... scroll down to see who won...
Jason watching them run by with the slide.... discussion over! You can see Whitney & Mike... wait what? Whitney is pregnant... why is she carrying a heavy slide, running accross the grass like a boy??? "The Dr. only said I couldn't do back tucks anymore...." she acts like her DAD! She went down the slide and flipped off the side too.... and said "what? I kept my belly up in the air the whole time!" I think I need prozac!
Mike, Wace & Jeremy... yes, it is what it looks like.... TROUBLE! And Grandma Great, trying to keep an eye on them, but it is such a BIG job!
Shelby & Mike watching the kids play.... and wait, what is Bailey doing in the back ground??? A facial? With cucumbers on his eyes... WHAT THE????
And now, Bailey is eating the cucumbers.... you're killing me smalls!!!
This is Wace playing with the 'naughty' tether ball...
Grandma & Grandpa Great... poor Grandpa was the victim of the tether ball, which Mike hit so hard that it came off the rope & hit Grandpa in the head! So Mike ran over and asked Grandpa if he was OK, and Grandpa threw his cane on the ground and said "I'm going to get up and kick your ass!" LOL Hopefully Grandpa won't have a headache for too long!
Chelsie & Sami... who got to go to the Stadium of Fire on the 4th to see the Jonas Brothers... and entertain the crowd with their matching outfits & crazy dancing!
Lecsie & Sydnie just playin! Cute little baby butts!
Jasie would rather play in the sand! Except when they brought out the cake... which I didn't get any pictures of... but hopefully Brandie will post some!
As you can see... we LOVE to party!!!

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Hawkes Family said...

AWESOME POST!!! My favorite is the cucumber facial...LOL Thanks for capturing the moments I missed, and yes I got the ones you missed. ;)