Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad... In Memory of Wendell Don Roundy

My Dad would of been 69 years old today...
This is my Dad when he was a little kid... cute huh! He was the oldest of 6 kids. And he said he was always embarrassed because they were the last ones in town to get an outhouse, so EVERYONE knew their 'business'!
This is my Dad as a teenager... I'm sure he would smack me in the head if he could for sharing this picture with the world... but he can't, and I love this picture! He was quiet, but only on the outside, he and his friends had a lot of fun. He had one friend who had trouble with the transmission in his car, so they use to drive it around town in reverse... LOL

I think this was my Dad when he was a senior in high school (not sure), but I do know that this picture hung on my Grandma Roundy's wall (in the hall) my whole life! (Well, it hung there until she died).
Dad & Dan... our Dad taught us everything! He worked and played along side of us while we were growing up! He taught me what order dishes should be washed in (LOL) how to do laundry and even how to use a curling iron on my hair! He was a great Dad!
Dad cutting up a deer on the kitchen table... (At 66 Lincoln Street - that was for you Lec) and so it was... like this every year they got a deer! I have many memories of deer hanging in Grandma Roundy's garage (or ours) and late nights driving down some canyon with wet feet, the heater going full blast with the windows open so we could have the cold breeze on our faces... always Pepsi, beef jerky & Snickers!
One year Dan got a deer, but they had lost Dad's hunting knife... so they bent a Pepsi can in half & used the sharp edge to gut the deer!
My Mom told us just the other day of a time they got a deer, and were dragging it out in the dark, so my Mom had the flash light walking ahead of him, he had the deer's front legs over his sholders dragging it, and fell in a hole... the deer lurched forward and went right over his head! (his head ended up where it's guts had been before they cleaned it)... I would of rolled down the hill laughing if I would of been there!
Dad & Dan fishing... we probably had fishing poles before we were born! Dan still loves to fish! I remember one trip to Flaming Gorge when we drove off a cliff to get to 'THE BEST' camping spot! Only Dad & Dan were in the truck when it was time to go back up the cliff... the rest of us had to hike up... luckily they made it, even if the guns came off the gun rack and whacked them in the back of the head!!! Yes, crazy has ALWAYS been in my family!
Dan, Dad & Me on his 30th birthday... even though we didn't see him much at the end of his life... there was never a doubt that he LOVED his kids! When we were little we were ALWAYS with him... even at work, we grew up building houses and riding horses, camping, fishing, hunting, going to horse races, rodeos and going to LaGoon on the 4th of July! My Dad worked hard and played hard!
Dad, Dan & Delana Dee... my Dad LOVED horses, his dream was to have a triple crown winner. There are pictures somewhere of him in Kentucky, where he went and worked at a stable for awhile... I'm guessing that was one of the best times of his life!
On second thought... I think he went to South America panning for gold in his later years and he liked that a lot too!
Dad, Dan & Me... my Dad never missed a chance to go hunting! Lots of great memories of hunting with my Dad... he would ALWAYS make his own roads and his own camping spots... sometimes he even took his survey equipment so that our tent would be level!!! Sometimes we walked, sometimes we had the Tote Gote, sometimes horses... and one time (on the bow hunt) he put 'buck scent' on me... he didn't tell me until after what it really was.... YUCK! He even talked me into trying pine gum one time!!! What a joker!
This is my Dad and my baby brother Shad... he is all grown up now and lives in Florida with his wife Emilly - who's birthday is on the 16th (Happy Birthday Emilly). This is my Dad in the 80's... it was very rare that he sat still for a professional picture!
Happy Birthday Dad!

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