Sunday, July 26, 2009

Texas to New Mexico to home, OH MY!

First we went to Texas to meet our sweet Ally J...
And to visit Jordan.... who LOVES his Uncle Bailey! He says that Grandma Great, Grandpa Great, Grandma YeeHaw (that's me) and Uncle Bailey are all his cousins! LOL
Jordan and Bailey had too much fun playing dinosaurs and legos! One night Jordan did a singing gig for us... hopefully Joey will post the video, it was too funny!

And to see Miss Ashley, who is looking pretty as ever after having cute little baby Ally!

And Joey... who as you can see still acts like a monkey! (He is the one at the top of the picture!) Joey, Jordan & Bailey went to jump with the sprinkler... too much fun!

This is Miss Ally J, all ready to go to Corpus Cristi to the Texas Aquarium and the beach! She turned 1 month old while we were there!
Jordan & Bailey 'under the sea'... at Texas Aquarium
Bailey & Jordan by the dolphin tank, after the show...
This is Bailey touching a sting ray... he says it was "gooey"!
Then we were off to the beach....
This is Jordie bug playing like the big kids at the beach! I think he really believes that he is older than 3! Ashley said that he refuses to go to nursery with the "babies" so they had to put him in with the Sunbeams, then when they go sit on the front row for singing time, he scoots his chair back with the older kids! He is a hoot! Bailey had fun playing in the Gulf of Mexico, even though.......
he was stung (for the 2nd time this week) by a jelly fish! Don't ask what we used to stop the stinging on the first one (on his calf) because he does NOT want to talk about it. LOL!!! At least Ashley was smart enough to bring ammonia on this day, to take the sting out!
We had WAY too much fun in Texas with the Stones! We missed them the minute we left!

On to New Mexico...
And now... what you've all been waiting for... how did Wace do at National Finals???????????
This is Wace's first ride at the High School National Finals Rodeo in Farmington, New Mexico... he scored a 72 on this bull, a 58 on his dud of a bull in the second go round and got bucked off in the short go... he finished 9th in the Nation!!!! YAY Wace... We had 3 bull riders finish in the top 10! Our boys ROCK! I will post more pics when I get the disc that I bought from their photographers!
And finally, it was time to go home...
To top off our vacation, 1/2 hour after we got home, we rushed over to the church so that Bailey could get his Tenderfoot rank for Scouts!!! Good Job Bailey!
So, we have had a BUSY 2 weeks... and it's GOOD to be home... I am going to sleep in my OWN bed right now! -Guts!

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