Sunday, July 4, 2010

Bailey's Birthday

Bailey LOVES money!
Jordan & Bailey
Jordan looks like he is thinking 'am I really related to this weird-o?'
Bailey REALLY wanted golf clubs for his birthday!
Grandma Giff & Bailey
"Heavy, heavy hang over thy poor head.... what do you wish this person with a BUMP on the head?"
Bailey & Lecsie
"Thank you Lecsie!"
Bailey & Dad
Makin' a wish!
Naughty Uncle Mike... hiding to feed Charlee birthday cake!
Ashley & Bailey
It wouldn't be a birthday party without a little cake in the face!
Jordan, Bailey, Chelsie
& Lecsie
Brandie & Ellie (under the blankie)
Joey... and I thought we might traumatize Jordan!
Miss Ashley
Charlee K & Whitney K
Ashley, Charlee, Ally J. & Whitney
Jordan & Lecsie
Lecsie, Jordan & Sydnie
Jordan: "Are we having fun yet?"
Lecsie... takin' a break
Ally J
Hammin' it up for the camera!
Grandpa & Grandma
Who are these OLD people???
Lecsie & Mike
Shelby & Whitney
the 'posers'
Miss Alyssa, Brandie, Ellie & Jasie's head...
she does NOT want to be outside with the BUGS today!
Kristy & Kim
Friends Forever

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