Sunday, July 4, 2010

Uncle Ty & Aunt Marlo's 4th of July BBQ

Lisa, ?, Caprell, Brittany, Marlo
(background: Justin, Jay, Mark, Elli)
Jim, Ty, Lec, Gma Great, Gpa Great
Whitney & Brandie
Whitney & Shelby
Whitney (camera hog!)
Mike & Shelby
Mike & Shelby
Whitney, Brandie, Ty, Brittany, Charlee
Wyatt, Shelby, Wace, Whitney
Bailey Bud
"You make me feel like dancin'... gonna dance the night away..."
Chelsie & Elli
Chelsie & Lecsie
Charlee, Lecsie & Sydnie
Jasie snugglin' with Uncle Justin
Mike, Barrak,Jim, Lec (sacrifice for the team!), Bailey
Chelsie & Whitney... LOL!
(Barrak & Bailey in the background)
Shelby, "service"
Shelby, Jaden, Jeremy... "what the heck?"
?, Jeremy, Wace "got it!" & Shelby

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