Sunday, July 4, 2010

Lecsie's birthday

Princess Lecsie.... the birthday girl!
Princess Sydnie
And... Fairy Princess Charlee

Oh ya! It's a Princess Party!!!
Lecsie, Sydnie, Charlee & Jade
Mike has to be the Handsome Prince and break the pinata... LOL
(Cassie, Lecsie, Paula, Kristen, Max & Grandma Great in the background)
Jade, Sydnie & Lecsie (Sydnie LOVES candy!)
(Cassie, Paula, Kristen & Max in the back ground)
Yes, Ellie is sleeping again... growing is such hard work! AND
Yes.... Bailey is taking pictures again!
Aunt Whitney stole all the bling.... poser!
Jeremy, Jade, Sydnie, Mike, Lecsie, Cassie, Bailey
(Whitney & Charlee in the back)

Mike had to be in charge of the Princess Party because....
Poor Shelby... she stayed up half the night making cupcakes & woke up puking! :( So I made her go to bed!

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