Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bailey "SKID" Holmes

We went camping over the 24th of July weekend in Huntington Canyon with Grandpa Bud & Uncle Ty... Jeremy & Bailey CRASHED on Uncle Ty's BRAND NEW 4WHEELER!!!
This is Bailey's BRAND NEW HELMET! Glad Lec thought to buy it before we left!
As you can see... he got so MAJOR road rash!
and a hole in his hip!
I don't think there was any part of him that didn't have scrapes, bruises or holes in it!
To make it even worse, a few hours after the wreck, he had an anxiety attack which was even MORE scary! We were very glad that Jason was there AND we found out that Mt. Pleasant has a little hospital with an emergency room "TRAILOR" LOL!
Jeremy had his own road rash, but mostly on his tail bone... too close to his butt for any pictures that I want to see OR share! We were VERY grateful that they were both ok!!!

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