Sunday, October 24, 2010

Texas Trip

In July, we went to Texas to see Wace's college...(Howard College in Big Spring, Texas) and decided that we should keep driving down to Bishop, Texas to see Joey, Ashley, Jordan & Ally!
Remember the Alamo!
Megan, Wace (Lecsie), Kim, Shelby
and Jordan
We stopped by the Alamo for a few minutes while we were in San Antonio. We also went to the Rain Forest Cafe on the River Walk.
Bailey always finds himself in difficult situations! What a poser!!!
I wonder if other people have kids/grandbabies who play on old cannons? He is TOO cute!
Bailey, Joey & Ally
We went to the beach in Corpus Christi (that is where Joey's office is) and of course Bailey got stung by a jelly fish AGAIN!
Lecsie, Uncle Wace & Jordan
They took us to South Padre Island after that.... to play on the "nice" beach! it was cool and a little scary to drive right out on the beach... where I grew up you try to avoid driving in the sand! But we all made it ok... the kids caught a big crab & had fun playing in the sand, wave surfing & eating SANDwiches!
Bailey & Ashley
Mr. SANDpants! Wace
Bailey built a fortress!
He let me sleep in his bed while we visited. He is such a little gentleman.
She LOVES her pink room... and says WOOOOW! when she sees anything pink.
We had LOTS of fun with the Stones! We wish they lived closer so we could see them more!!!
Lecsie, Shelby, Megan, Wace & Bailey
On the way home we stopped in San Antonio again and went to Sea World!
Uncle Wace & Lecsie
Lecsie got super tired waiting in line for the "big boat ride" so Uncle Wace snuggled her. She almost had a heart attack when it was finally our turn and we went FLYING down the water fall! Megan bit Wace's shoulder... but we all survived :)
Bailey... fish face?
Roswell, New Mexico
We passed through Roswell both ways on our trip. W thought it was funny that there were aliens in front of most of the businesses even some of their street lights were alien heads.
On the was to Texas we stopped and ate at the Taco Bell there. We had been driving along time and we were tired, hot & sweaty... as we got out of the truck and we were walking through the door Lecsie was "picking a wedgie" jumping up and down being VERY dramatic... her Mom told to to stop and she said LOUDLY "my panties are sweating!!!" We all rolled through the door laughing! Luckily there weren't too many people there.
On the way home from in Roswell, there was a big storm coming. On the radio it said that there would be large hail and people should seek shelter. We could see the black wall of the storm coming off to our right... we were trying to hurry to beat the storm, and of course talking about all the alien stuff when we stopped at a red light. Lecsie started screaming, "don't stop! keep going, the aliens are going to get us!" Poor kid, we scared her to death!
All in all we had a great time!

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