Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fright Mares @ LaGoon!!!

Bailey, Bubba and Chris (hiding behind Bubba)
Chris, Bailey & Bubba
Time for some grub!
and of COURSE Kristy is throwing food!!!
and Bubba.... or what we got when we told Bubba to put his face up there!
Chris, Bailey & Bubba....
looking in the distortion mirrors!
Kristy & Kim with Bubba & Chris' prizes :)
Kristy... we walked ourselves to skin & bones!
We had too much fun today... it has been decades (no seriously - like 8th grade) since we have spent the day together at LaGoon! At least Kristy didn't make anyone barf on the Rock-o-Plane today! (Aw memories! In 8th grade Kristy spun Danny Kemp (I think) round and round in the Rock-o-plane... when he got off the ride he undid his pants and sat down with his head hung down and puked! LOL! ) No one got that sick... but she did make me go on 'Wicked' and we took Bailey on the Tilt O Whirl and spun him FAST! AND we went through all of the haunted houses... I haven't done that for years either! It was fun, good times, good times!
Thanks Kristy!

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