Sunday, December 26, 2010

Iron Chef 'Jr'/Chopped Battle 2010

Bubba & Bailey
Bring it!
Round 1 - secret ingredient - BEANS
Bailey - plating... he is very meticulous!
Bailey's 'bean' queso dip
Chef butts! It's hard to believe that Bubba is only 1 year older than Bailey!
Bubba working on the appetizer
Bubba's white 'bean' fondue
Course 2 - secret ingredient - BRUSSEL SPROUTS Bailey LOVES to chop EVERYTHING!
Bailey's steak on a brussel sprout hash (with potatoes & apples - he forgot the melted cheese! It still tasted great!)
Bubba made an awesome main dish!
If he would have had more time to cook the chicken all the way through... I think the 1st place winner might have been different!!!
Bubba's chicken cordon-bleu with 'brussel sprout' cream sauce
3rd round... secret ingredient - PUMPKIN
Bailey - adding more and more and more whip cream!
Bailey: "Mom, how long do you put carmel in the microwave to melt it?"
Mom: "You need to check it every 5 minutes... it will burn fast."
OOPS! I meant every 5 seconds! hahahaha!
Can you say black smoke?
No matter... he got his carmel smear on the plate!
If you could see under all of the whip cream... you would see a 'pumpkin' cheese cake! But it was hot out of the oven so it kept melting the whip cream... so Bailey kept adding more! LOL And of course there is chocolate covered bacon (to bribe a judge - Kristy)!
Bubba - zesting lemon on his dessert
Bubba's 'pumpkin' pudding
And the 'milk toast'... which was really after the 1st course, but I like it better at the end!

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