Sunday, December 26, 2010

HaLloWeEn 2010

My babies & grandbabies are just TOO cute to be scary!
Ellie & Brandie :)
The Mad Hatter & kids LOL! Ally & Jordan
I wish I could have seen him... I can only imagine what people thought! I'm sure Johnny Depp has NOTHING on my Joe boy! :)
Barney, Betty & Bam Bam
(Jeremy, Whitney & Charlee)
I don't know if the stone age is ready for this family!!! :)
Chelsie the 'teenaged witch' :)
I can't believe she is almost 9!!!
Ally & Jordan... Knight in Shining Armor is perfect for Jordie bug! He is always saving a damsel in distress (he takes such good care of his sissy).
Aye matty! I will smile for candy!
Sydnie Louise... the ONLY picture I got of her on Halloween!
Jade (Lecsie's cousin) and Lecsie aka: Jesse & Snow White
kiss kiss (1/2 of her 'facebook face'! LOL)
Jasie 'tiger claw' Hawkes
FYI: Brandie made this costume out of one of her old costumes! Like!
Miss Ally... cutest little Priness in Texas!!!
Charlee makes a great BAM BAM!
Ellie is a cute little chick! :)
The rest of my kids are party poopers... sorry no pics!

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