Sunday, December 26, 2010

Harris Christmas Party :)

Wace, Barak, Ty, Marlo, Jaden... and yes, at the bottom is the Grinch!
Chef Bailey & Grandma Great... taking care of the ham. Wait... Bailey IS the ham!
I don't think Chelsie is sleeping... I think she might be praying for something good for Christmas...

Sydnie loves to party... especially the candy on the tables, she kept telling Jasie "Mom said only 2 candies." :)
Katie & Lecsie....
Lecsie is tired... she has been partying all day with the Petroff's!
Jasie Nicole
"just 2 candies.... one for each hand" :)
Aunt Lisa & Charlee K. (of course her binki matches her shirt!)
Uncle Justin & Ellie
I wonder if she thought that he was Santa???
Brittany, Shelby & Keahna
Our little preg-o-nuts :)
Wait... what? Is Uncle Ty pregnant too?
My camera batteries died.... sorry that's it. But we did open the time capsule that we did back in 2000. It was fun! Good food, good company, good times!

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