Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010…

or Happy New Year

Wow! 2010 what a year…

Brandie & Jason bought a house and moved to Saratoga Springs. Jason is still a Fire Fighter/ Paramedic for Murray City and works part time for Eagle Mountain. Brandie is still coaching Gymnastics at the Legacy Center and doing hair at home and on the road (she goes to your house & does everyone’s hair). They are busy raising their beautiful girls:

Chelsie will be 9 years old in January and is in the 4th grade. She is, of course, at the top of her class! She is taking piano lessons and LOVES it! She had an escalator mishap this year at the mall. She was going to take Sydnie down and then back up (neither one had ever been on an escalator before)… but Sydnie chickened out and wouldn’t get on the escalator. Chelsie was already on her way down, and she PANICKED!!! She tried to run back up, but fell down and yelled for her Mom to help her while she tried to climb up the down escalator! Of course Brandie was laughing too hard to help… but don’t worry, Chelsie is smart… and she saved herself!

Sydnie is 4 now and she is going to Pre-School this year. One day she came home and said, “Mom, I donkey kicked William today!” LOL! She acts like her Uncle Joey FOR SURE! One Sunday morning Brandie told her “Aren’t you excited? We get to go to church today!” To which Sydnie replied “I’m not exactly excited!”

Jasie just turned 3 and has taken her place as the wild one in their family! She was a tiger for Halloween and she LOVED giving everyone the ‘tiger claw’! If you ask her when her birthday is she will tell you, “Chucky Cheese!” And one day she told her mother “I’m not in trouble Mom, I’m your best friend!”

Ellie was born in March… she had pneumonia when she was born and had to stay in the ICU for 8 days! She is a tough and smiley little sweetheart. She always has a smile for you and already knows how to “tiger claw”! One day when she first came home Sydnie told Brandie, “Hey, Mom! Your baby is crying!”

Joey & Ashley went to the temple to be sealed for TIME & ALL ETERNITY this year! Ashley has been doing AWESOME in Scentsy and made Director this year! Joey got a new job with El Paso Gas Company as their “computer guy”… but don’t worry he’s not a ‘geek’. They moved to Bishop this year, and plan to move again soon closer to Corpus Christi. Shelby, Lecsie, Wace, Bailey & I got to go visit them this summer… it was a long drive but we had a good time, and wish they lived closer!!!

Jordan is 4 years old now, he played baseball and is taking karate this year… his sansei told him they would be sparring, so he told Jordan they would take turns hitting and blocking. When he told Jordan to begin, Jordan went ape crazy hitting without giving the sansei a turn to hit back (no need to block if the other guy can’t get a punch in!) LOL! Joey said they were all laughing too hard to stop him. I guess it’s true… Don’t mess with Texas!!!

Ally is a 1 year old girly girl but don’t let her fool you… she watches Jordan do his kicks and she has been practicing too! She LOVES her pink bedroom and anytime she sees something pink she says “Woooow”! She LOVES shoes and has a melt down when she tries new shoes on in the store and doesn’t get to take them home! She is her Daddy’s girl and still has him completely wrapped around her finger! Along with her Mom, Jordan everyone in their ward!

Whitney & Jeremy moved to Saratoga Springs in Brandie & Jason’s basement apartment. Whitney has loved every second of being Charlee’s mom and hasn’t missed a beat teaching her classes. She is teaching at Jump Up Gymnastics in Lehi and she is the cheer coach at Westlake High School. She says the only hard part about being a mom is that it takes longer to “get ready”. LOL! Jeremy is still working for IHC taking care of the grounds. And working hard to take care of 2 high maintenance Princess’, which is an impossible task… just ask him!! But he loves them anyway!

Charlee turned 1 in November and she is as big of a ham as her Mom!!! If music starts playing anywhere she starts dancing. She loves it when her Mom “stunts” her and she loves being a “gym rat”. The other day Shelby was eating something (Whitney was holding her) and Charlee yelled, “Mom!” and pointed to Shelby’s food! She definitely knows how to get what she wants!

Shelby & Mike are expecting baby number 2 in April! Yay! Shelby is still working at Wingers in AF. And, she cried all the way home after she dropped Lecsie off at her first day of Pre-School! Mike is still working for Brahma, hunting & watching football whenever he can... and they are hoping to buy a house this year!

Lecsie is 3 and loving Pre-Pre School (as her Mom calls it). She had been telling Shelby all about a “mean” girl at school and one day while they were in Wal Mart she yelled, “Mom, there is the MEAN girl, Hope! She is the one who hits me at school!” Shelby said the Mom & girl just stared at them as they went around the corner…. Hahahahaha out of the mouths of babes! Anyway, Lecsie said she is nice now!

Wace went off to college in August! Howard College in Big Spring, Texas! He didn’t find a Cadillac to drive, but that’s OK because his Buddy Bill has one! They both got full ride scholarships, even though Wace broke his shoulder last spring! Bill told the coach, we are a package deal, it’s both of us or neither! Wace was sitting 1st in the State when he broke his shoulder & didn’t get to ride in the State or National Finals :( but he decided that getting his shoulder fixed so that he could ride in the PRCA was more important than anything else, so he had surgery to fix it… which Dr. Pepper said was the right decision… and after 6 months off bulls, he was finally able to ride again on Thanksgiving week! His first competition back he took 1st place at Billy Bob’s Bar in Fort Worth, Texas… so watch out Texas, because HE’S BACK!

Bailey Bud… or should I say President Holmes. Bailey is the Deacon’s Quorum President, and he takes it quite seriously, making notes during the Sacrament so he can tell the Deacons what they are doing right and wrong… I keep reminding him that good leaders teach by example and with love… but I’m not sure it is sinking in! He still wants to be a chef and he won his first ‘Iron Chef/Chopped’ challenge against his friend Bubba. Three secret ingredients and SIX hours later, he was victorious! My kitchen will never be the same!!! He is going to try out snowboarding this year and has been having fun shooting all of his friends in their air soft wars out in Grandpa’s fields!

Lec is working hard, like always. And his new passion this year…. Mini Bulls! He and Wace built a turn back arena and he has been bucking them out all summer & fall! He has 28 or something like that!!! He and his partner Jared… who video tapes all the buck outs, so you can find Lec on U-tube getting “mauled” by Bulldog, one of his favorites! I just never know what will be next around here!!!

I am still working for East Shore High School as a Teachers Aide, and loving it! I also took my very first college class this fall… math…. Online…. WHAT? I know, I’m crazy! If I live through all of this school I hope to end up as a History Teacher… which will be funny, because by the time I finish I will be so old, I will be able to tell the kids “I was alive when….

Anyway… we are blessed and life is great! Come see us anytime, it’s always a party around here!

All our love,

Lec, Kim & the fam

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